Estimated delivery times

The following delivery times are indicative and applicable in case of a normal work week (Monday to Friday and Saturday and Sunday holidays) and Spain Peninsular. One hour less in the Canary Islands and Portugal.

Important announcement! Due to the high volume of shipments during these dates, delivery times may be delayed.

  • Delivery times for payment by credit / debit card
Day and time when I make my order

When will I receive my order

MONDAY before 15h Tuesday
MONDAY after 15h Wednesday
TUESDAY before 15h Wednesday
TUESDAY after 15h Thursday
WEDNESDAY before 15h Thursday
WEDNESDAY after 15h Friday 
THURSDAY before 15h Friday
THURSDAY after 15h Monday 
FRIDAY before 15h Monday
FRIDAY after 15h Tuesday
  • The delivery time for the payment method "Bank transfer" is counted from the moment we receive the payment in our bank account.


2024 Holidays

Orders received on the following holidays (or the day before after 15h), will be sent on the next business day:

  • January 1, Monday: New Year
    January 6, Saturday: Three Kings
    March 9, Saturday: Santa Juana (local holiday)
    March 28, Thursday: Maundy Thursday (regional holiday)
    March 29, Friday: Good Friday
    May 1, Wednesday: Worker's Day
    May 2, Thursday: Festival of the Community of Madrid (autonomous holiday)
    July 25, Thursday: Santiago Apóstol (regional holiday)
    August 15, Thursday: Assumption of the Virgin
    September 14, Saturday: Christ of Mercy (local holiday)
    October 12, Saturday: National Holiday of Spain.
    November 1, Friday: All Saints' Day.
    December 6, Friday: Constitution Day
    December 25, Wednesday: Christmas


And what are the shipping costs?

You can check on this page about shipping costs