Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer, smartphone or other device when you access the internet.

Why are cookies essential to Kilumio's websites?

This website, along with many others, uses cookies. Cookies let users navigate around sites and (where appropriate) let us tailor the content to fit the needs of our site's visitors. Without cookies enabled we can't guarantee that the website and your experience of it are as we intended it to be.

None of the cookies we use collect your personal information and they can’t be used to identify you.

Types of cookies

The length of time a cookie stays on your device depends on its type. We use two types of cookies on our websites.

  • Session cookies: are temporary cookies which only exist during the time you use the website (or more strictly, until you close the browser after using the website). Session cookies help our websites remember what you chose on the previous page, avoiding the need to re-enter information.
  • Persistent cookies: stay on your device after you’ve visited our website. For example, if you tick the 'Remember my ID' box when you log onto Online Banking a persistent cookie will be used so that the site remembers your choice the next time you use it. Persistent cookies help us identify you as a unique visitor but don’t contain information that could be used to identify you to another person.

We also use web analytics services from other companies to track how visitors reach our site and the path they take through it. These companies use cookies to help us improve our service to you.

Cookies we use are

  1. Third-party cookies
  • Google Analytics, which uses cookies (_ga and _ga_UA-XXXXXX) to help us analyse how our visitors use the site. Find out more about how these cookies are used on the Google privacy site
  • AddThis: AddThis is a service that provides the ability to share the products you are watching with friends or acquaintances, even allowing print the page, export it in PDF. This cookie allows you to save preferences using the various services offered AddThis. It is __atuvc.
  1. Own cookies
  • VS_SESSION_ID: It is a own session cookie used to store data while browsing our website. It serves to keep you logged on with, and have your data always available. For example, the cookie allows us to keep products from your cart.
  • cookie_accepted: our own cookie to indicate that you have accepted this policy of cookies.
  • recent_viewed_products: own cookie to store the products you have seen on our website. In this way, we can offer higher quality care to their need.
  • vsLang: own session cookie used to store the preferred language you have selected.

How to control and delete cookies

If you want to restrict or block the cookies we set, you can do this through your browser settings. The ‘help’ function within your browser should tell you how.

Alternatively, you could visit, which contains comprehensive information on cookies on a wide variety of browsers. You’ll also find details on how to delete cookies from your computer. To learn about controlling cookies on the browser of your mobile device please refer to your handset manual.

Link tracking

Our emails contain a number of hyperlinks, each of which has a unique tag. When you click on one of these links the mailing company logs the click so that we can understand who has clicked through from an email to our website. We use this information to tailor future messages to you.